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Price List

These are the prices for Cumbria Newspapers. Prices may vary for different categories and pictures - please check the relevant prices at the point of ordering.

Photo Prints
Post &
10"x7" Inches1 - 1 £10.25£1.95
10"x7" Inches2 - 2 £9.00£1.95
10"x7" Inches3 - 3 £8.75£1.95
10"x7" Inches4 - 4 £8.50£1.95
10"x7" Inches5 - 5 £8.25£1.95
10"x7" Inches6 - 6 £8.00£1.95
10"x7" Inches7 - 7 £7.85£1.95
10"x7" Inches8 - 8 £7.75£1.95
10"x7" Inches9 - 9 £7.50£1.95
10"x7" Inches10 Or More£7.25£1.95
7"x5" Inches1 - 1 £9.25£1.95
7"x5" Inches2 - 2 £7.75£1.95
7"x5" Inches3 - 3 £7.50£1.95
7"x5" Inches4 - 4 £7.25£1.95
7"x5" Inches5 - 9 £7.00£1.95
7"x5" Inches10 - 14 £6.00£1.95
7"x5" Inches15 - 19 £5.00£2.50
7"x5" Inches20 Or More£4.95£2.50
7.5x5 Inches1 Or More£9.25£1.95
8"x6" Inches1 - 1 £10.25£1.95
8"x6" Inches2 - 2 £8.50£1.95
8"x6" Inches3 - 3 £8.25£1.95
8"x6" Inches4 - 4 £8.25£1.95
8"x6" Inches5 Or More£8.00£1.95
9"x6" Inches1 - 1 £10.25£1.95
9"x6" Inches2 - 2 £8.50£1.95
9"x6" Inches3 - 3 £7.75£1.95
9"x6" Inches4 - 4 £7.50£1.95
9"x6" Inches5 Or More£7.25£1.95
8"X8" Inches1 Or More£10.25£1.95
10"x8" Inches1 Or More£10.25£1.95
12"x8" Inches1 - 1 £11.50£2.65
12"x8" Inches2 - 2 £9.50£2.65
12"x8" Inches3 - 3 £8.50£2.65
12"x8" Inches4 - 4 £8.25£2.65
12"x8" Inches5 Or More£8.00£3.20
10"x10" Inches1 Or More£11.75£3.20
12"x10" Inches1 Or More£14.95£3.20
12"x12" Inches1 Or More£14.95£3.20
14"x10" Inches1 Or More£14.95£3.20
15"x10" Inches1 Or More£14.95£3.20
14"X11" Inches1 Or More£14.95£3.20
16"x12" Inches1 Or More£16.50£3.20
18"x12" Inches1 Or More£17.30£3.20
16"x16" Inches1 Or More£17.95£4.60
20"x14" Inches1 Or More£20.50£4.60
20"x16" Inches1 Or More£20.50£4.60
20"x20" Inches1 Or More£23.50£5.20
24"x20" Inches1 Or More£23.75£5.20
30"x20" Inches1 Or More£32.00£5.20
Photo Gifts
Post &
Picture Mug1 Or More£9.95£3.00
T-Shirt (Size: Child/S)1 Or More£16.00£3.00
T-Shirt (Size: Child/M)1 Or More£16.00£3.00
T-Shirt (Size: Adult/S)1 Or More£16.00£3.00
T-Shirt (Size: Adult/M)1 Or More£16.00£3.00
T-Shirt (Size: Adult/L)1 Or More£16.00£3.00
Key Rings: Large x 21 Or More£7.25£2.50
Jumbo Fridge Magnets x21 Or More£7.25£2.50
Multi Print Buys
Post &
Two 10x7 plus Two 7x51 Or More£35.95£1.95
One 10x7 plus Two 7x51 Or More£27.25£1.95
One 10x7 plus Four 7x51 Or More£41.00£2.50
One 10x7 plus One 7x51 Or More£18.95£1.95
Group Photo Prints & Landscape
Post &
10x5" Inches1 Or More£10.00£1.95
12x5" Inches1 Or More£11.00£3.20
15x5" Inches1 Or More£14.50£3.20
16x6" Inches1 Or More£16.00£3.20
18x8" Inches1 Or More£16.50£3.20
PRINT@HOME Digital Download
Post &
Digital image download Print Resolution1 Or More£19.99£0.00
Phone and Tablet display Digital Download1 Or More£9.99£0.00
Canvas Prints
Post &
16x12 Canvas Print1 Or More£40.00£4.95
20x16 Canvas Print1 Or More£60.00£4.95
LifeStyle Photo Products
Post &
One 8x6 Print & 2 Picture Key Rings1 Or More£14.35£1.95
One 8x6 Print & 2 Picture Fridge Magnets1 Or More£15.50£1.95
Canvas Effect Box Prints
Post &
14x11" Canvas Effect Box Prints1 Or More£27.50£4.95
16x12" Canvas Effect Box Prints1 Or More£30.00£4.95
16x12" Framed Box Canvas1 Or More£54.00£8.00
20x16" Framed Box Canvas1 Or More£68.00£8.00
Mounted Photo Packs
Post &
Portrait Pack 3-10x8, 4-8x6, 8-5x4 Black Mounts1 Or More£65.00£6.95
Portrait Pack 2-10x8, 3-8x6, 6-5x4 Black Mounts1 Or More£55.00£5.95
Portrait Pack 1-10x8, 2-8x6, 4-5x4 Black Mounts1 Or More£45.00£4.95
Group Pack 1-10x7. 2-7x5. 4-5x3.5" black mounts1 Or More£45.00£4.95
Group Pack 2-10x7. 3-7x5. 6-5x3.5" black mounts1 Or More£55.00£5.95
Group Pack 3-10x7. 4-7x5. 8-5x3.5" black mounts1 Or More£65.00£6.95
Card Mounted Photo Prints
Post &
Four 3.5x2.5 inch Mounted Prints1 Or More£9.95£2.00
Four 4x3 inch Mounted Prints1 Or More£9.95£2.00
Two 5x3.5 inch Mounted Prints1 Or More£9.95£2.00
Two 5x4 inch Mounted Prints1 Or More£9.95£2.00
One 7x5 inch Mounted Print1 Or More£9.95£2.50
One 8x6 inch Mounted Print1 Or More£9.95£2.50
One 9x6 inch Mounted Print1 Or More£9.95£2.50
One 10x7 inch Mounted Print1 Or More£12.00£2.50
One 10x8 inch Mounted Print1 Or More£12.00£2.50
One 12x8 inch Mounted Print1 Or More£12.99£3.20
One 12x10 inch Mounted Print1 Or More£14.30£6.70
One 13x10 inch Mounted Print1 Or More£14.30£6.70
One 10x5 inch Mounted Print1 Or More£12.00£4.00
One 12X5 inch Mounted Print1 Or More£15.00£5.00
One 12x6 inch Mounted Print1 Or More£15.00£5.00
One 15x5 inch Mounted Print1 Or More£18.00£5.75
One 15x6 inch Mounted Print1 Or More£19.00£5.75
One 18x6 inch Mounted Print1 Or More£20.00£6.75
One 18x8 inch Mounted Print1 Or More£22.00£6.75
One 20x8 inch Mounted Print1 Or More£26.00£8.50
One 24x8 inch Mounted Print1 Or More£30.00£8.75

UK postage & packing is charged only once for any quantity of photographs. This cost will be based on the most expensive postage of all the products you have ordered.

All images on this site are the copyright of Cumbria Newspapers Their sale is restricted to private use and they may not be printed from the screen, copied, distributed, published or used for any commercial purpose without the written consent of Cumbria Newspapers. To obtain consent for any of the above, for any image, click here
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